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Galactica Virgo

Galactica Virgo is a modern, modular, integrated computer system which has been supporting work of more than 7,500 real estate agencies for over a dozen of years. The system is friendly and easy to use. It offers high safety of data and a set of advanced functions surpassing the standard.

Galactica Virgo is an Internet application and it can be used with any computer or a mobile device.



Galactica Virgo enables integration between:

underlying software->email-> website-> announcement portals



Benefits from implementation of Galactica Virgo:

  • Saving time due to automated publications of offers on announcement portals
  • Possibility of making offers more attractive by using virtual visits
  • High efficiency of searches thanks to access to thousands of offers in Poland
  • Possibility of establishing cooperation with any real estate agency
  • Use of advanced analytical tools
  • Optimisation of agent's work through analysis of professional dedicated reports


Galactica Virgo, as the only software in the world for real estate agencies, has the option of preparing and publication of virtual visits. The system allows for fast and easy edition of material in 360° technology.



Take panoramic photos and send them to the system -> Combine the scenes into a virtual walk, add and edit infopoints -> Share via www and announcement websites.